The following benefits are typically available under workman compensation.

Medical Expense - the cost for hospitals, doctors, medical treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Disability Pay - workers compensation will pay an injured worker after he or she has been off work due to a work related injury for seven days. This may be either temporary while you are getting well or permanent if you will never fully recover and return to work. You may also be entitled to an award of benefits if your injury results in a permanent impairment but you are able to return to some form of employment. The amount of the award will vary from case to case.

Vocational Rehabilitation - if your injury renders you unable to perform the usual duties of your occupation, you may need physical therapy and retraining so that you can enter into a new trade or business Oftentimes, the state will require a vocational evaluation and may order the employer or their insurance carrier to pay for the rehabilitation.

Death Benefits - Death benefits are paid to the surviving spouse (usually until remarriage) and to any minor children. There may be a maximum cap on the amount of benefits your dependents can receive.

Please consult our office if you a question about your specific case. We will gladly evaluate your case and answer your questions without charge or fee unless we accept your case. If we accept your case will not charge you an attorney fee unless we are successful in recovering an award of benefits.