Motor Vehicle Accidents

Like any state, Kentucky has its share of serious automobile accidents. Though accidents can occur virtually anywhere and under any circumstances, some of the more serious and costly accidents occur while people are involved in transportation-related activities. It should be stressed that tort litigation involving transportation-related activities can be extremely complicated. Retraining an inexperienced lawyer may result in a plaintiff losing a lawsuit or not receiving the recovery that he or she deserves. It is important that plaintiffs choose attorneys with appropriate levels of experience and familiarity with the subject matter of the lawsuit.

Kentucky requires its residents to carry minimum vehicle liability insurance fore their vehicles. A claim for an automobile or motorcycle collision in Kentucky requires proving fault. The amount of the damages to which you may be entitled, depends on the nature of your injury, the reasonable amount of your medical expenses taken together with any loss of earning or loss of earning capacity. There may be additional damages to which you are also entitled, which we would be happy to discuss with you.