A divorce is a legal action which ends a marriage. Kentucky , like most states in the union is a "no fault" state which means that a divorce may be granted without any reason or cause other than the irreconcilable differences. To file for divorce, one of the parties must have been a resident in the state continuously for at least six months prior to filing. A petition for dissolution of marriage must be filed with the court in the county where of the parties resides. Temporary relief can be awarded by the court between the time a divorce is filed and Divorce Judgment is entered. A divorce decree is eventually entered by the court which contains all the terms of the divorce such as support, custody, health insurance, parenting time and property division. Regardless of the parties' agreement or judgment of the court, custody, child support and visitation can actually be reviewed or changed after the decree.

Prior to the court decree being entered by the judge, one or both of the parties may ask to consider reconciliation. Divorce differs from legal separation in that it is final. A legal separation may be sued in certain cases where the parties want to resolve all of their issues and remain married, as in a case where one spouse must rely on the other's health insurance coverage.