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With your freedoms at stake, it is important to contact a knowledgeable criminal attorney if you have been arrested or charged with a crime. Clay Wilkey is licensed to practice in both state and federal court, and represents individuals who have been charged with, or arrested for DUI, drug-related offenses, traffic violations, assault, misdemeanors and felonies. Call (270)685-6000 today and put Clay’s experience to work for you.

Criminal Law Firm & Attorneys in KY

When Do You Want A Criminal Lawyer? If you are responsible for any kind of crime, on many occasions the effects are serious. It will always be to your advantage get in touch with a criminal attorney to ensure that this professional can review your case together with giving you the guidance and advice that you require as a way to proceed. Yet before you decide to employ a lawyer, the following is additional information on whatever you can expect. If you are searching for a lawyer in western Kentucky, the social security disability attorneys and bankruptcy lawyers of Wilkey & Wilson, P.S.C is centered on delivering the most effective outcomes for every single client they deal with. This law firm accepts cases that cover many different legalities, and they present an initial consultation free of cost to assess how they can assist you to. Exactly What Does A Criminal Attorney Do? Criminal lawyers from Wilkey & Wilson, P.S.C are here to represent clients that are charged with two categories involved with criminal law consisting of felonies and misdemeanors. The misdemeanors are classified as charges that happen to be less serious that can lead to an excellent or a light imprisonment sentence (under a year). The felonies are a lot more serious, particularly if are found guilty, where you could be sentenced to prison for several years, or even be confronted by the death penalty. How Would You Know If You Want A Criminal Attorney? Since both misdemeanors and felonies may result in prison sentences, it is recommended to make contact with an attorney, once you have been charged. These will include the next:


•Prostitution •Petty theft •Reckless driving •Public intoxication •Vandalism •Disorderly conduct •Simple assault •Trespassing •The 1st-time possession of medication in the specific category


•Kidnapping •Rape •Murder •Arson •Treason •Burglary/Robbery •Aggravated battery and/or|or|and assault •Several types of|Several kinds of|Various kinds|Various kinds of fraud •Possession of illegal drugs (certain types) •An intention to distribute specific quantities or types of|kinds of|varieties of|forms of an illegal drug •Grand theft or grand larceny


These are typically just a few of the examples, so it is advisable to still talk with a criminal attorney when your particular matter has not been right here. What Else Could You Expect When You Use A Criminal Attorney? Criminal defense attorneys works on seeking to prove that you are currently innocent or limit the sentence. In case your lawyer is aware which you have little if any chance of winning your case, they may give you the recommendations to settle your matter before it is to court. This will usually involve getting you an easier or shorter sentence.

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated

In case your case does go to court as well as the judge charges you with a certain sort of felony, your criminal lawyer will either work tirelessly on seeking to prove that you are currently innocent, lower your charge, shorten your sentence, as well as try to make sure that the facility you may be placed into is better. In terms of misdemeanors your lawyer will often advocate community service or possibly a fine across a jail sentence.


Even though the upshot of your case is not really guaranteed inside your favor, working with criminal defense lawyers like the attorneys from Wilkey & Wilson, P.S.C, provides a better chance at winning the case or significantly lowering your sentence. Proudly serving Dundee KY.


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