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Each state has its own workers' compensation laws to handle claims from employees who are injured on the job. In Kentucky , state law imposes strict liability on the employer of an injured worker. An injured worker does not need to establish fault or negligence by the employer in order to collect benefits. However, the injury or illness must be incurred in the course of employment in order for the workers' compensation system to provide benefits to the injured worker. Since workers' compensation law imposes strict liability on employers, it is the exclusive remedy for an employees injuries or illnesses arising out of the course of employment. There are a few limited exceptions that are addressed in the section "Can I Sue", please review that section or call one of our attorneys if you have a specific question .

The State of Kentucky requires each covered employer to carry workers' compensation insurance. Kentucky law may provide for specific limited exemptions for certain classes of employers such as domestic workers, farm hands, or independent contractors. In Kentucky , a waiver of coverage by an otherwise covered employee must be made on a specific form provided by the Board of Workers Compensation. The employee must sign the form in the presence of a notary public and then send the waiver to the Board of Workers Compensation. No other waiver is permitted.

If outside of Kentucky, please consult an attorney who is familiar with the law of workers compensation in your state.

Please consult one of our attorneys if you have been injured on the job. The initial consultation and evaluation is free. If we decide to take your case, there is no attorney fee unless we recover an award of money damages. There are a few exceptions to this policy. At Wilkey Law Office, we put our fee agreement in writing and thoroughly explain the fee arrangement prior to taking your case.

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Suffering a physical injury while working might shock you, spin but it is a widespread occurrence. Several workers file worker’s compensation claims specially those employed in locations where the health risks are high. Once you get hurt over a company’s property or while involved in spin the company business, you will find the spin right to compensation for your injuries by way of a worker’s compensation cover how the employer holds. spin The payments usually are not automatic as spin the insurance company can deny you these benefits spin based on the circumstances all around the accident. In this way, it is crucial to talk to a highly skilled worker’s compensation attorney before filing your claims. Worker’s compensation insurance policy spin is a statutory system that gives advantages to hurt workers without requiring these people to take spin legal action. It covers employers simply because they won’t be spin liable for spin covering the injuries. spin It is also a ‘no-fault’ system, meaning you should be compensated even though you probably have led to the accident unintentionally. Who seems to be Paid by this insurance policy? Usually, anyone that is employed must be paid by a workers’ compensation cover. spin The law specifies that employers must provide this coverage whether or not they may be operating in the general public or private sector. However, certain employees may not be covered in accordance with the contract spin with the employer. Their list is specified explicitly underneath the Workers’ compensation act and includes casual maintenance services, licensed realtors spin working on commission, certain company owners, drivers spin under a lease agreement and independent contractors and the like. Make certain you qualify for this particular cover prior to deciding to apply for claims in the event of spin an accident. Where to start After spin an Injury? The steps you have after suffering spin an injury greatly assist in determining exactly how much compensation you receive. Always seek emergency treatment should it be required for your health ought to be the main priority. Report your trouble for spin the employer without delay spin as there is a restriction to spin the number of days you must not exceed without reporting. In the event the injury is just not spin very serious, spin go to the spin medical practitioner recommended spin by your employer. What If Your Employer Do Once the Accident? spin When you are hurt, legal requirements specifies the steps your employer has to take. They must investigate the accident immediately and also the facts spin shared with spin the insurance company. Failing to achieve this can lead to a penalty from your insurance firm. spin This way, ensure that you report your injuries spin in a timely fashion allowing your employer to research and submit their particular report.

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Usually do not be overly spin reliant on your employer given that they will consider themselves. Workplace compensation premiums increase after having a business makes claims, along with the first concern from the company being profit, it may not support your claim. Employing a Workers Compensation Attorney.

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Getting compensation after an accident could be a painful process, in fact it is good to speak to a legal professional who understands legislation better spin in your area. spin You might not need them in every case but having one in your corner may be prudent while they will give you advice in the best moves spin to make when confronted with your employer in addition to their spin insurance provider. Analyze every one of the options thoroughly and locate a skilled, reputable and proven attorney spin to help you with the process. Serving Curdsville KY.